This NEW UPDATE 1.022 helps you EDIT your recorded files Finds.

The EDIT function is very user-friendly. You can change/replace your photos, move a file from one project to another (made by mistake), you can EDIT your Categories (change waypoints) and EDIT your Predtexts, either by the Predtext list you made or just print the text you like.
1.022 also gives you a NEW DESCRIPTION function at each find you make and it’s free to use. This new description is place below your Predtext line.

THAT’S NOT ALL -1.022 version has a pretty cool ADD NEW FILES / FINDS MANUALLY.
No problem anymore If you forgot to record a Find out at your field. Just open the new TOOL function “Add Finds Manually” and the new function opens a tool screen, ready to add your photos and enter, Predtexts, Categories and Descriptions. You will also need to place your Find by Google Maps. Just tapping Coord and then the tool line “Pick Location From Map” and you see how easy you can zoom, move and place your find by Google Maps.